Fadima is a blogger I recently run into at an event run by Twists n Locs. She also turned out to be one of my instagram followers which was such a delight! Her amazing natural hair was simply divine to look at and I couldn’t help but ask of her natural hair journey. She blogs at Les Afronautes and her blogging journey spans 6years currently. Her love for natural hair and travel is what her blog is mostly about. 

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 14 years. I have been trimming it to maintain it. Its been a long journey. But I started to focus more on its maintenance in 2009 when I discovered more natural hair communities, which shared tips on natural hair care regime. Before that I didn’t really know how to take of it. I was just braiding it every now and then.


Which natural hair product is your favourite?

My favourite brand is Giovanni ! It’s a US natural hair products brand, which produce fantastic organic products. I have been using it for years! They have shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins. I mostly use the 50-50 conditioner and the direct leave-in conditioner which is part of my natural hair regime. I am very happy with their products. I use black soaps (Alata) for the shampooing process and I also happen to sell it as well. It doesn’t dry my hair and makes it very moisturized.

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If you were to compare your hair to a Camerounian dish which would it be.

Wow!! (She laughs!) there is a dish which we call Koki and I posted this on my instagram some time ago. For me, its our version of the Ghanaian dish ‘Red Red’ but its yellow. It uses the same ingredients as Red Red, its just mixed together and cooked in banana leaves. Its really soft when you eat it. So I will say my hair is like Kokii! Our yellow-yellow!

 source: chez mo cuisine
source: chez mo cuisine

Share a message to any woman who wants to go natural.

Well its all about dedication when it comes to natural hair. If you really want to achieve good looking natural hair you need:

1.     To dedicate time for it

2.     search for information on how to take care of it and also learn from others (not just anybody) but experts. There’s loads of information out there on natural hair right now and you may not know which one to pick.

3.      You have to be selective in the people you follow, make sure you see the results of their own hair as well. If you need me too I am here as I offer natural hair coaching for African women.

4.     Try to learn the needs of your own hair. Don’t copy blindly and know what works for you. 

#MyKpenkpeshie (Kpenkpeshie is a Ga word which means tough hair) is a natural hair feature on the everyday Ghanaian woman and her natural hair journey. It’s a collection & curation of stories by Ghanaian women as they recount childhood memories, natural hair-care tips, societal reactions to their change and more. 


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