Ghana has some hidden treasures which aren’t being promoted enough. The country is filled with waterfalls hiding beneath clusters of jungle vegetation, mountains begging to be climbed and canyons with gaping mouths yelling for discovery. 

Thankfully, there are quite a number of tour operators looking to change this and put Ghana on the tourism map of ‘Places to Explore in Africa’. One such operator is See Afrique which is about to launch another tour operation with ClimbAfadjato2015 . Their previous event ‘The Kente Festival ‘  held in September took excited Ghanaians & tourists to the Volta region to experience the colors, patterns and processes involved in making a Kente fabric. I sorely missed out on that one. 

My first climb of any sort was to the top of the Umbrella Rock  in Koforidua back in 2008.  That was a mini-mountain I think. I honestly thought I was about to pass out on reaching the top of the dangerously perched rock overlooking the lush plains of surrounding towns.


Mountain Afadjato is the highest mountain in Ghana with an elevation of 885metres. How tough are you to climb all the way to the top? It’s going to be double exciting with visits to the Wli Falls, Canyons at Amedzofe , see the monkeys doing their thing at the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary, etc. 

Just in case you are going to be unavailable then follow the updates on social media #Afadjato15 .

See Afrique is a one-stop enterprise that offers the complete range of travel related services. From hotels to restaurants and to even knowing the best street food locations, they got it all! Counting the days to the climb and eating some correct One Man Thousand and Aboloo! 



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