#ChaleWote2015 was filled with many naturalista’s and I caught up with the really eye-catching ones and had a chat with them on their natural hair journey and what name they had for their hairstyle as part of #MyKpenkpeshie series.

My name is Adzara. My hairstyle is called Teku Teku. I went natural because when I perm, I realised my hair didnt grow and it kept breaking. I got tired and started going natural. I also realised the natural hair looked better on me than the perm.

My name is Nancy Green. My hair has been called spiky by a lot of people. I have been natural all my life.  I have never permed before. I love being freaky so my hair shows that side of me. I have used green a lot because its a favourite colour.

I am Ohenewaa. Its been 2 years and 3months now. I also went natural because I didnt want chemicals in my hair anymore. This style is called the ‘fro-hawk.  


I am Elizabeth Osei. I went natural because I don’t like salons that much. I wanted to avoid the salon altogether. Perming is more work and I wasn’t ready for that. 



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