As part of your natural hair regime, you are bound by one of the rules ‘KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR COILS!’ also called ‘NO TRESSPASSING ON YOUR OWN HAIR’ or ‘NATURAL HAIR LIVES HERE, NO TOUCHING PLEASE!’ The hand touching syndrome which many women suffer from.

Its difficult isn’t it? Especially when you keep running into new styles on Pinterest and Instagram. Endless temptation! So then what to do but to get a protective hairstyle to hibernate your coils. So now you have your protective style locked down. Please do not forget about your natural hair whilst you go about your business. Sure its a PROTECTIVE hairstyle but there are things you can do to still take care of your coils. Whether it is kinky twists or senegalese twists you have to do some sista. How can you go about doing that?


1.     Still Wear Your Satin Hair Net.

Don’t chuck your satin hair net yet just because you have a protective style going on. Yes even in braids, your hair needs to be in a hairnet. This not only protects your natural hair but also ensures your braids keep for longer and remain neater. Tie your braids into a bun to keep the braid ends in. 


2.     Keep Scalp Moisturised.

Braids expose the scalp more than ever to the sun and all elements of the weather. This makes your scalp dry out and soon you will be seeing dry flakes flying everywhere. Tsk tsk. Not a good sight. You can use a combination of coconut oil and olive oil on your scalp for deep moisturizing.  Use an eye-dropper by dipping it into the oil and gently lining your scalp. You can also apply a little oil on your finger tips and apply to the braids up to where your natural hair ends. I found Daily Dew Hair Spray by The Body Butter Co. very helpful when I had kinky twists. With coconut oil as one of its ingredients and vegetable glycerine as a base; after removing the braids, I found my hair well moisturized and rested.

 Don't forget about your natural hair whilst in braids
Don’t forget about your natural hair whilst in braids


3.     Reduce swimming activities if you can.

Natural hair likes popping out of braids when exposed to lots of water. You just cant keep those coils down, can you? Exposed to chlorine, natural hair behaves mischievously and can lead to breakage. After a swimming session you can go see your natural hair stylist for hair treatment for your braids.


4.     Take it Out

You will know when your natural hair has had enough of the braids. Your undergrowth shows up everywhere on your scalp and the coils in the braids unwound themselves and show up in the braids. Its time to take out the braids. After taking your braids out don’t be in a hurry to wash out the goo. Apply coconut oil or olive oil to your fingertips and detangle the twist parts of your hair. By the time you are done your hair will be moisturised. Go for some deep oil conditioning and enjoy the new growth of your natural hair.


Can you share tips on how you maintain your natural hair whilst its in braids? I would love to know yours too. 

#MyKpenkpeshie (Kpenkpeshie is a Ga word which means tough hair) is a natural hair feature on the everyday Ghanaian woman and her natural hair journey. It’s a collection & curation of stories by Ghanaian women as they recount childhood memories, natural hair-care tips, societal reactions to their change and more. 



  1. I try to wash it by putting shampoo and water in a spray bottle and then section the braids, the same goes for conditioning too, but you’ve got to be extra careful, otherwise there will be lots of fritz


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