New York was never on my list of romantic places to visit.  If you have Paris, Cape Town and the rest why would you consider a concrete jungle? All I saw was packed concrete, crowds and lots of lights during my first visit to Manhattan one of the boroughs of New York. Too noisy I thought. Well that perception has changed recently during my second visit there. I guess you could say that having partner during a trip makes what was ordinary… magical.

There are some hidden delights within the city that never sleeps and it takes time, a lot of Foursquarring and some bit of walking as well to find gems in the city. Whether its eating out, shopping, strolling or lazy days in the sun there are some must-try areas you must visit with your partner whilst in Manhattan.


1. Eating out

Avoid the popular restaurants highly rated on Yelp and Foursquare. Some of them are very very noisy that any meaningful conversation you plan to have can turn into a shouting match. I would highly recommend Table d’Hote on the 5th Avenue . It is so quaint it’s almost invisible. Choose a seat outside if the weather outside is pleasant. The duck is UNBELIVABLE! Yes I had to write that in caps. It was the best duck I have did have whilst in the city. I would eat there any day and time. The service was gracious and very pleasant we were seduced with an excellent Sauvignon. Look out for restaurants like this if you are planning on a romantic dinner with some good money to spend.

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2. Sunsets & Strolls

Staying indoors watching Netflix is nice and all. But why waste the gorgeous sunsets which slinks down the New York skyline? One place to enjoy the warmth of the golden hour would be Piers 92/94 along the Hudson River Greenway. With benches lining the pier, you can spend quite moments not saying anything to each other and just be. Why not buy a New York ice-cream from the popular ice-cream vans which sell a cone for 4dollars a pop! Its creamy goodness will make you forget that though. Talk about life whilst on your stroll, share your dreams and aspirations as you stroll down Park Avenue. 

 Hudson River Greenway during Sunset
Hudson River Greenway during Sunset

3. Go Dancing

Going out to listen to a symphony play is priceless. If you cant afford it, look out for the small pubs lining the streets on the 8th Avenue. One personal favorite was the Cuban restaurant Guantanamera . Because Salsa! Salsa dancing is such a great workout but one which I find romantic in its own upbeat way. They have Cuban live music on Fridays and Saturdays. That for me was amazing! To sit right at the stage and watch authentic live Cuban music and this musician belt out what I hoped were seductive lyrics to his sweetheart. Other restaurants had live jazz which for some strange reason goes great with steak and asparagus. Don’t ask.

Always enjoy the little quiet moments when you can as a couple. They will forever serve as a memory gem which the two of you can share, laugh over, admire and stow away for another day. 

What have you enjoyed about NYC as couple? Would you choose NYC as a holiday destination? 






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