I was deeply engrossed in a blogpost when two friends walked to my table and teased me on how serious I looked. I looked up to see Kobina Graham and my new friend Shari Hammond. Then I saw her dreadlocks and I couldn’t help but feature her for #MyKpenkpeshie. 

Why did you decide to lock your hair?

S.H I was never a fan of weaves back then. But I loved braids. My hair was always up in braids. I decided that I wanted something which didn’t need external interventions. I didnt want to keep touching my hair and having to style it all the time. So it had to be locks. 

How did your family take it?

S.H Well my family was a bit reluctant on my decision  due to its impact on my job prospects as a law graduate. But I convinced them that I could style it and make it look professional. 

How long have you had your dreadlocks?

S.H Its been 4 years. But I locked it after 3 years. 


Do share your tips on maintenance of dreadlocks. 

S.H Scarves should be your best friends for life (BFL). You can colour it to make it more fun. Video bloggers helped me a lot when I was starting out. One thing I would tell any woman who wants to start locking is; don’t be scared to check other people’s posts on starting at different levels


Did you change your eating habits after you went natural? 

S.H It was just my eating habit but a general change in my lifestyle. 


What are your favorite hair products to maintain it 

S.H Shea butter. It’s all I use. 

Thank you Shari. 

#MyKpenkpeshie is a natural hair feature on the everyday Ghanaian woman and her natural hair journey. It’s a collection & curation of stories by Ghanaian women as they recount childhood memories, natural hair care tips, societal reactions to their change and more. 


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