#Africa2015 is a photography competition you would be interested in whether you are a professional or amateur photographer in Ghana or Africa. Aside the fantastic prize of US $2,000 for each category with an additional $2,000 for the ultimate prize winner, which is enough motivation; the challenge is also excellent platform on creating content for Africa.  

Agility Logistics launched this photo competition which has the key objective of highlighting the success of emerging Africa and reflect its increasing progress in technology, cities and industry. 
The global provider of integrated logistics is very eager to capture how Africa is becoming more tech savvy, urbanizing and growing at fast pace.  What better way than through a photo competition!

This is an exciting opportunity for Ghanaian photographers to showcase how the country has developed in the categories listed.  Ghana, like other African countries is developing in various areas. The real estate industry keeps growing at a great pace, technology is being applied in varying ways for the betterment of human lives and to improve on commerce and lastly the city’s landscape keeps changing every day. 

The African continent is developing as fast as any other continent in various industries, a constantly changing landscape and technological innovations transforming societies.

I remember the blog walk I led during the Blogging Ghana Blogcamp this year  which saw my team and I in Suame Magazine in Kumasi.  This is a popular area marked for technological innovations in metalwork for the car, housing, food and mining industry. These are areas, which can be captured during this competition to tell their unique story. 

Need more ideas? There are startups in Ghana that are becoming successful with their original ideas that are solving problems in the country.  These can form part of the industry and technology highlights as well. 

We need to tell our African story in a unique and compelling manner. A story which, reaches out in a highly visual self-explanatory form, robbing the observer speechless. 

Get more information about the various categories listed here http://goo.gl/pn5b38 

The hashtag for the competition is #Africa2015.

Don’t forget to share to friends who you believe can do something amazing during this competition! Lets showcase Ghana! Lets put Africa out there!




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