#MyKpenkpeshie is a natural hair feature on the everyday Ghanaian woman and her natural hair journey. It’s a creation & curation of stories by Ghanaian women as they recount childhood memories, natural hair care tips, societal reactions to their change and more. 

Kpenkpeshie is a Ga word which has long been used to describe tough natural hair. And that’s how I grew up calling my hair even up until now. Join me on this journey as I get to understand why Ghanaian women are going natural and how far their natural hair journey has been. 

My first feature is Josephine Kuuire. My eye got caught on her coily tendrils as she typed away on her laptop at NourishLab Smoothies. So we had a chat. 

O.Q So Josephine what do you do?

J.K I am a Graphic Designer at a Nigerian firm where I handle corporate graphic designing works and I am also Photographer at Mumble Photography

O.Q How long have you been natural?

J.K Well i have had a back and forth with my hair from far back as Class 3. I would relax it and then go natural, relax and then natural. Finally about four years ago I just decided I was tired of the trips to the salon and decided to let my hair grow out. So its been 4 years now.

O.Q How would you describe your hair?

J.K Stubborn with a mind of its own. I love it all the same! 

O.Q How do you maintain it?

J.K I use shea-butter a lot and it gets very manageable. I also add some water to it to hydrate it. I also twist it every two weeks at Twist n Locs Salon. 

O.Q Only shea-butter? No other products? (my mouth was agape!)

J.K (Shakes her head) Only shea butter. I don’t want to try other products because I don’t know how my hair will react to them. 

 Josephine Kuuire
Josephine Kuuire

O.Q Well you have lovely coily hair! Keep being you! 

J.K Thank you!! 




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