Six dry months of not one single date. It seems the world is unfair.

 No dates for a while.
No dates for a while.

Then all of a sudden! Worlds colliding! A date! You get a message on Facebook from a friend you used to chat with but things just kind of slid into nothingness. He wants to take you out for dinner! Life is beautiful again. Hair done, nails polished and dress on fleek without showing desperation. But have you thought of what to order once at the restaurant? Aha! You haven’t considered that have you? Well here are some foods you would want to avoid whilst sitting across from your potential-boyfriend-or-maybenot .


This is a no-no. Number one criminal. Why? Imagine ordering the perfect green salad just to maybe show him that you are big on eating healthy. So here’s your starter, smoothly placed down infront of you. You take generous bites whilst listening to your date talk about his new job. You keep nodding and taking sips of red wine. Then you smile. Greens have a habit of showing up in unwanted places like your teeth. You perhaps don’t notice him start or hear him think to himself, ‘Kai! What is that?’ So being the un-gentleman that he is, he is unable to give you a sign of the last remnant of lettuce decorating your enamel. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t call you for some time.


This liquid meal can be devastating on a first date. Think of splashes, drips, drops and sploshes into your new dress which happens to be anything but black. Especially when you have ordered goat light soup as your starter. And that goat wasn’t cooked to be tender. Chai!



Any guy who takes you out on a first date and orders fufu should be caned. Don’t do it either.


Have you had any first date disasters because of your meal choice? Lets have chat and a laugh! 



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