Award nights are very often glitzy with bright lights, paparazzi’s popping flash, fashion on fleek and fashion on fail, with swag dripping on the red carpet which will take days to clean out. Think, Oscars, MTV Awards and Ghana Music Awards.

I am envisioning something similar for the Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards Night, more especially on the fashion side of things. Why? Because this year is going to be stylish and on a more formal note compared to the previous sessions held.

For the last two award nights, its been jeans, t-shirts, converse, flats, sneakers, shorts, backpacks and totes. None of that this year please! This year’s award’s ceremony will be taking place at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel and the dress code is formal or traditional.

What are Ghana’s bloggers going to be wearing come Saturday? I am pretty curious because I have only met most of them in very casual wear. Who is going to be best dressed I ask myself? I think I can make some very good predictions on who will be best dressed and you can bet my orange converse I might score 100 on the score.

But before I predict, here are some #fashiontips to inspire any attendee reading this (*wink*)

The Traditionalist

If you love Ghanaian culture and have a blog on all things African, you can go traditional in any of these;

For the guys:

  • Try out a Batakari with black formal trousers and broques/ or why not ‘Fra Ntuma’ with Ahenema with one giant beads bracelet gracing your wrist / Embroidered kaftan regalia

and for the ladies:

Kaba & slit made from true GTP fabric will be simply divine! #BringBackKabaAndSlit / an elegant and classy kente dress is a fabulous idea to add great colour to the event.


The Westerner

This is where we have the black-tie lovers and gown-wearers come in to play in unison.

Tips for the guys

  •  Choose either a simple white shirt, black dress pants with a simple black jacket. Works all the time! Want to go without a tie or bow-tie? Why not? Makes you a bit more relaxed too. Brogues, oxfords and loafers will come together nicely with any formal wear.  I wouldn’t recommend tuxedo’s though but hey it’s a free world, just grab your handkerchief before leaving home, it will be  warm happy evening.

Enjoy these style tips on how to fold your pocket square for your jacket.

 Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Ladies; have fun choosing whether to wear a chiffon dress, add some interesting accessories but don’t overdo it. 

 Try not to go too glitzy with sequins or try and balance a bit of sequins with chiffon. 

Want to look sexy and classy try a shift dress with strappy heels with that cute clutch in hand!


A bit of this and that

Then there’s those who like to combine both tradition with western. Like myself. The men can go full western with a suit but have African print accents like an African print tie and pocket square.


How about an African print fedora from TwoCedi?

Women always have more fashion choices when it comes to combining African print with western wear; beads accessories, print clutches, print shoes, hair accessories etc.



That’s a lot of tips to consider for the awards night, in case you were stumped in your dress choice.

And now… drumroll please!!! My prediction for The Best Dressed Man of the night will go to Kobina Graham and Best Dressed Woman might just be… me! Well cheers to a fabulous awards night! See you on the 21st April in your best wear!

Do you need more tips? Please go ahead and ask! 


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