Valentine’s Day in secondary school was memorable and fun! I went to Mansite (bet you didn’t know that) and every year for three years, February 14th was always an eventful day! Its one time where the avalanche of gifts and cards are so overwhelming that anyone who didn’t even get one  card felt depressed the whole term. 

I never really gnashed so never got to be part of the gnashing committee, *signofthecross* ! But those who did most of the time woke up with toothpaste on their faces on the morning of 15th February. Worse of all water wasn’t easy to come by so they spent quite some time looking for a pail of water to clean up! Giant Valentine cards, red roses, teddy bears, Ferro Rocher chocolates, Baby charm wine, etc were some of the gifts some girls got from their boyfriends or admirers.

To avoid being labelled as a gnashite some girls often posted cards to themselves and acted really surprised on the day of love! Those expecting a form of gift which swerved them, found themselves at the infirmary for at least two days. I also remember someone stole my first Ferro Rocher chocolates the next morning! hmmm.. 

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