2010, was when I first got acquainted with the works and ministry of Dr. Myles Munroe. It started with his book Understanding The Purpose & Power of WOMAN, a book which set me on a path of self-discovery and transformation. I was hungry for more and found more videos on YouTube which I plugged in and listened whilst working, I couldnt help but share with co-workers his words on relationships, marriage and leadership.

This morning, as I plugged in my phone to charge up, i decided to catch up with news on FlipBoard and found nothing interesting. Then my mom broke the news to me when I went to greet her. ‘ They just announced on Joyfm that Munroe has died.’  My brain didnt register the name and for a second I wondered which actor that was.’ The preacher, she said. Toothpaste spilled out of my mouth (ugh!) as i shouted ‘OH!’ ‘HOW, WHEN, WHY?’ I listened to the tragic description and I quickly rinsed out my mouth and went online. It was so true and so tragic!

Dr. Myles Munroe touched my life when I was still learning and empowering myself as a woman through his books which line my bookshelf; Understanding The Purpose and Power of Men, The Purpose and Power of Love & Marriage, Principles and Power of Vision, Understanding Your Potential (Kindle Version) I have gained in-depth and priceless relational knowledge.

A great tree has fallen but its roots reach depths far deeper into generations of upcoming future leaders and out of this tree shall more trees grow. His life and work was truly inspirational and I believe his light shone to the world as a man who wasnt afraid to show his position on issues plaguing today’s world.

Here are a few of his quotes on leadership and relationship from his speaking events and books which I hope will inspire you.

This is a personal favorite ; ‘If a man doesnt like the presence of God, you shouldnt like his presence.’ – Myles Munroe


” People generally fall into one of three groups: the few who make things happen, the many who watch things happen, and the overwhelming majority who have no notion of what happens. ” – Myles Munroe Understanding Your Potential Expanded Edition.


“The problems of our world go unanswered because potential remains buried.” – Myles Munroe Understanding Your Potential Expanded Edition.


‘If a woman doesnt love to worship, you got a bad wife,’ Myles Munroe, Effective Living with Myles Munroe.


‘If he didnt change to get you, he wont change to keep you,” Myles Munroe, Effective Living with Myles Munroe


“You dont have to try to be somebody, because you are somebody,’ Myles Munroe Understanding Your Potential Expanded Edition.


“For a woman, language spoken is an expression of what she is feeling. For a man, language spoken is an expression of what he is thinking. A woman says what is on her heart while a man says what is on his mind.”
Myles Munroe, The Purpose and Power of Love & Marriage


‘Friendship is not a gift, its a result of hard work,’ Myles Munroe, Waiting and Dating.


“A woman may be beautiful but have poor character. A man may be a business genius, making money left and right, but lack common courtesy, sensitivity, and compassion.”
Myles Munroe, Waiting and Dating


“Some people are so conditioned to be serving others all the time, that when they have an opportunity to be served they cant handle it,” Myles Munroe Spirit of Leadership.

“They say you can take the people out of the slum, but you cant take the slum out of the people.” Myles Munroe Spirit of Leadership


My deepest condolences to his family, friends, congregation and everyone whose life has been positively impacted by the ministry of Dr. Myles Munroe and his Wife Ruth Ann. May they rest safely and peacefully in the bosom of The Lord.

Did you know Dr. Myles Munroe through his ministry or speaking events? How did he impact on your life? What lessons can you share from following his leadership guidelines?


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