‘I want you to meet my parents next weekend.’ 

Your head turns sharply at this statement that you risk having a whiplash. He is staring out as he drives you to drop you off at your house. So casually but so groundbreaking! 

This is one of those words which when your boyfriend of one year finally utters and then somehow scatters your brain at the same time! Then you also casually say, ‘Oh sure! That would be nice!’ 

When a man utters these words, he isn’t playing around. He is a serious guy and he has some serious plans where your relationship with him is concerned. After he drops you off, you jump onto WhatsApp to share with your bestie and what this means to you.

After the gossip ends, the reality hits you and you ask yourself, ‘WHAT DO I WEAR??” You switch into panic mode!

First impressions are much like job interviews which is pretty much like meeting your prospective in-laws for the first time. Here is what you may want to do and definitely what you DO NOT want to wear on that critical visit:

1. DO dress like a lady 

Find your ‘Michelle Obama’ dress which everyone compliments you on and give it a wash. The dress which says ‘I am a lady and I am beside or behind this successful young man.’ Its feminine and gracious. Keep jewellery at a minimum. Want to wear jeans? Why not? Just make sure its not a low waist or if it is, a long-length blouse is over it or tucked in.

2. DONT dress like ‘ahem’ a I-Am-All-About-The-Money-Yo kind of woman

Avoid dripping yourself in chunky gold chains, gold anklets, gold rings, gold nose rings, gold toe rings and whatever golden jewellery is in your jewellery box. You will end up looking like an overdecorated Christmas tree draped in golden tinsel and worse still a gold digger. The first thing that future mother-in-law will think is, ‘Oh God! What is my punishment??’


Maybe you aren’t a gold digger but your dressing can speak louder than your character.  

3. DO wear African print clothes

If his parents love cultural pieces, you can wear a decent African print dress or skirt paired with a single block colour blouse. Can you wear Kaba and Slit? Errr… wouldn’t that be overdoing it or trying too hard? 

4. DONT dress like ‘Me dierr men p3 me ho as3m oh’ (I don’t like trouble)

This is where you wear a very long skirt which reaches the floor worn with long sleeve blouse reaching the fingers whilst you wrap your weave-on in a scarf. Trust me there will be a few eyebrows that will be raised.


5. DO cover up your assets

Just like dressing like a lady, ensure your assets are well covered. You don’t want your future father-in-law suffering from a pre-mature heart attack from looking at your chest which is threatening to overflow. Neither do you want your boyfriend’s mom twisting her lips at the body con dress which is just a few inches from your backside.

The rest of your visit would be spent adjusting your blouse or pushing down your skirt. Hide the cellulite and cover up your chest. A classy woman with assets doesn’t need to flaunt it, class can be seen miles away! 

This may seem hilarious but to be real, the way you dress tells a lot about who you are as a woman. Some may jump to conclusions which may be wrong or right but the most important thing is to dress like a lady and dress for the right occasion. Thats my opinion! 🙂 

I would like to know how you dressed to meet your in-laws for the first time or if you are now going to meet them, what your wardrobe plans are. 



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