The Lincoln Center was flooded with fashion bloggers, freelance photographers, personal stylists and fashion peacocks all looking to photograph or to be photographed, to pin or be pinned. Its easy to focus one’s lens on the women fashion and forget the men street style on display as well. And boy were they dressed to the fashion nines! The men had something important to say in all kinds of blazers, fedora hats, ankle pants (trousers), lapel pins, satchels, everything else in between. Their style ranged from laid-back casual, full 3 piece suits to personal gothic. I got to speak to a few of the Gentry on their wear and naturally captured their looks as well. Enjoy the fashion eye candy. 


 Rene Jimenez, J. Crew Women's Stylist 
Rene Jimenez, J. Crew Women’s Stylist 

Rene Jimenez is a personal women’s stylist at J’Crew. Most of his outfit is J’Crew. 

Instagram @rjfleury



BHawk (Stylist & Artist) 

Instagram @jusbhawk

 Akief Sherrif 
Akief Sherrif 

My two Liberian models strutted in ankle pants, loafers, blazers and outfits from Zara. In case you are wondering about the whole ankle pants look (see my ankles), the trend now is to show off the loafers, brogues or Oxfords. And no socks please.

 Akief Sherrif
Akief Sherrif

Another detail I noted was the flower lapel pin on most of the blazers. Not to be missed! 

Fedora hats were quiet popular and often blended with casual and semi-causal looks. 

 The GentlemanBentley Co. 
The GentlemanBentley Co. 

Ryan T. Dennis, Creative Director at The Gentleman Bentley Co (left) in J.Crew shirt, Banana Republic Pants, Shoes by Kenneth Cole.  

Ahmed Hamdyi in DKNY pants, Shoes Ralph Lauren, Sunglasses RayBan, Blazer by Zara 

Meanwhile, not to far from the Center, I caught fashion peacocks doing their thing down the street. 

 I spotted a few beaver brown blazers and suits which seemed to come together nicely with sky blue shirts. 

I however noticed a lack of African print detail during the fashion week. It would be good to see the men decked out in  African inspiration at New York Fashion Week. A print bow-tie here or African fedora hat there. Nothing too busy. 

Which look would you say is your favourite? I would go with TheGentlemanBentley’s look anyday. *wink wink* 



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