Following fashion weeks whether its Paris Fashion Week or London Fashion Week has always been a passion for me. Most of often this has been online through my Flipboard magazines via Style, Glamour or Harper’s Bazaar. But this year, I was determined to attend the New York Fashion Week and nothing was going to stop me! Nothing!

So here I am in New York and unbelievably standing amongst international fashion bloggers, global fashion TV networks and free-lance photographers snapping away at fashion peacocks at the Lincoln Centre during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Amazingness would never end! 

The Spring/Summer 2015 fashion collection ranged from fringed clothing, fringed bags, leopard print in different shades and patterns, oversized clutches, shoes with chunky heels (what is often referred to as ‘guarantee’ in Ghanaian lingo ) and lots of chunky bracelets!

Here are photos from day 1 of #MBFW and hope you find some stylspiration for your next wardrobe makeover. 

Samsung featured the Samsung Gear VR and the Galaxy Note 4 during the event. I found the headset pretty curious and futuristic as can be but for me thats a no-no. Social life is already being shredded to bits by social media abuse and another technology to immerse me into another world is unforgivable (mildly putting it)

You can follow more of Samsung’s fashion tech revelation on #fashionfuture.

I am really looking forward to the rest of the week’s events up until the 11th of September. I hope the organisers of Ghana’s Fashion Week will upgrade its fashion week event with inspiration from this post. 


Whats your favourite look or worst look from this gallery so far? 


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