Ghana has a cholera epidemic on her hands. 40 people have lost their lives already whilst 3,000+ cases lie on benches and floors in hospitals due to lack of bed space and facilities. All these has taken place within a space of three months and the situation doesn’t look like its improving.

Our city is flowing with waste both human and environmental, its on the streets, in the markets and flowing through our gutters. This epidemic was bound to happen. The factors attributing to this health issue are many whilst solutions to prevent its occurrence are yet to be seen. 

We still live in an era of poor healthcare facilities and where people still wash in streams and fetch the same water to cook for the family because of lack of access to clean drinking water. 

I am organising a twitter chat, #PreventCholera on the 22nd of August at 1pm (GMT) to discuss with several medical officers, environmentalists and sanitory managers what the causes, symptoms and prevention methods are to prevent this epidemic from its recurrent behaviour. 

It would be good to have you join this knowledge sharing event next week Friday, you are welcome to ask questions and retweet as much as you can. Save the date! 



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