Gidi Up Season 2 continues with more sugar and hot Nigerian spice with lots of surprises in Episode 4 & 5 and like I predicted in episode 3 Eki is headed soon to motherhood. The signs were obvious with that ravenous appetite she suddenly starts displaying in She’s Not You.

Episode 4 She’s Not You.

Obi finally gets to meet his knightress in shining amour. Is this the sort of game he wants to play? Its yet another display of good filming techniques. Tokumbo gets a surprise visitor who looks so much like Yvonne that it got me backtracking to make sure I had the right person in focus. Emeka and Sharon are having their little love fights and signs just tell me he is just getting tired of Daddy’s little girl and her antics. I did find some scenes dragging on a bit and some a bit too predictable. It would be good to see more African print costumes and print accessories on the cast.

Episode 5 – Catch and Release

The cast in this new episode expands to include love crushes and fresh scenery with loads of love scenes. #Excited. Eki runs into Tokunbo unexpectedly at Sharons beach party and all too soon Yvonne runs into Emeka (of course). I was hoping their meet-cute would have been stretched out to make things more suspenseful. The spark between these two should be fanned until the sparks begin to fly. The dimpled evil man from Lagos, Folarin begins taking his baby steps from pimp PA to corrupt businessman.  Brilliant beach scenes in this episode with an interesting mix of new characters. The character Obi keeps shifting into a confused character who wants to get rich quick but then has space in his heart for love. Will he get that love with Eki’s sister?


Gidi Up has it all… quality, fun, drama and great acting. I am looking forward to more suspenseful scenes in Episode 6 which is coming soon and some African print fashion as well. Great work NdaniTV!



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