The Wedding March. I hardly hear that being played at weddings anymore. Its either a solo by the lead soprano singer in a church or the DJ plays an r&b song of some sort. Whilst some stick to the traditional wedding march other choose alternative hymns and gospel songs.

I think choosing a wedding song should have an emotional or personal attachment to it. Maybe it was the first song you danced to when you were dating or it was what was playing in the restaurant when you first met her. Or even what the radio was playing when your best friend introduced him to you.

If you are preparing to get married soon and just wondering what gospel song you would like to played upon your entrance to the church or garden or seaside (whichever location catches your fancy) or would like to sing to your new bride; here is a list of my favourite (soon to be your favourite too) Gospel songs that would get every guest at your wedding saying, ‘awwwwwww’ and wipe away a tear! 

  1. Bebe Winans: This Song 

 OMG!!! This is THE SONG OF SONGS! I fell in love with ‘This Song’ just today and I have decided thats what I want for my wedding so please don’t steal it. I was shocked to see it was released in 1997! Oh that must have been when I was living under a rock then. *facepalm* This will be perfect for either the bride or groom to sing depending on whose voice is more romantic 🙂 or just as a wedding dance especially for couples who can’t do the Azonto or Alkayida dance, just hold yourselves and sway!  


2. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – Order My Steps 

This is a personal favourite I played some two years ago because I was focusing a lot on my purpose and Gods Word was basically what I was using as a guide (what else is there?) But then I realised it was also perfect for a wedding march for a bride because as a soon-to-be wife    that should be a prayer for all the accomplishments and responsibilities she will take on after becoming one with her soon-to-be husband. And the Word will do just that for her as a guide. Marriage isn’t easy, its a lot of work but with God nothing is impossible. 


3. T.D Jakes – The Lady Her Lover & The Lord

The baritone rich voice of TD Jakes is enough to transform your wedding dance or walk down the aisle into a heavenly romantic moment. I played this song repeatedly till I knew the words offhand. The lyrics are just perfect for the bride who has been through many heartbreaks and gets strengthened all the time by putting her trust in the Lord until the day that special man comes along. The man who loves her selflessly, who makes her forget past pain and regrets, a friend forever! If you can relate with this, then this is your song! 


4. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – I Never Lost My Praise

Another favourite of mine. When you have prayed for the right partner and kept up your hope and not rushed into something unprepared for and God shows up just at the right time, this is the song you would want to choose. The fact that you are single shouldn’t mean you shouldnt praise! Keep praising and hoping and God will show up for you. Just walk down the aisle with a heart full of continuous praise! Glory! 


5.  Donnie McClurkin ft Karen Clark Sheard – Wait On The Lord

This is an encouraging song which I think is also appropriate to encourage your guests or single friends at your wedding that if they also wait on The Lord, their time will come. As you come down the aisle, a live duet performance by your two favourite choir singers or maybe a collabo with Becca ft Davido, hehehee…. will be perfect.


And thats it! The perfect Gospel playlist for your upcoming wedding. Love it? Hate it? Feel absolutely free to let me know. Do you have any favourite Gospel songs you think would be perfect for a wedding? Do share below! 





  1. "The Wedding Song" by Damita, "Wedding Song" by John P Kee and the New Life Community Choir and the famous CeCe Winans’ "I Promise".

  2. I’m thinking of ‘Bless Your Name Forevermore.’ by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir for my own special day! But I love your collection too 🙂

  3. It’s my first time on your blog, therefore I’m exploring and I chanced upon this section. When I clicked the link, I was wondering which songs will be on there.. And my oh my!!! When I saw my favourite order my steps, my heart leaped literally! Then I saw my other favourite, I never lost my praise OMG, my heart is racing!!!! I have never ever thought of these songs for a wedding march, and I am definitely going to get use one of them for my wedding God willing. The explanations you gave along with the songs just melted my heart… I know what I’m going to do with these songs!!! I have heard of the other songs and I am googling them right away and listen then I know what to do… Lol my spirit just got seriously uplifted seeing these songs. Thanks a lot Naa, God bless you!!! 😀😍😊😊😊😍😍


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