Kinky twists have been around for some time. I never really thought they were the type of hair braid to look good on me. First of all, they look tough and non-flexible and it looked like a one way styled hair because every woman i saw with one had it just straight down and short. Just boring. But then over time, the weave used to braid kinky twists got softer and more flexible. Hallelujah! I still didnt try it out. Until last three weeks, when i run out of options on what to do to my transitioning hair that I decided to try the hair that looked like palm kernel female husks (the one that was lit and placed in a bowl to drive away mosquitoes).

Naturally I went to Pinterest for some inspiration and I came across loads of cool pinspiration on long kinky twists. I gathered my vim and went to Auntie Alice and got them done! Boy was it fast too.. i was done in less than 3 hours! I chose to do shoulder length twist braids with Carribean curls because I didnt want to get bored with a monotonous style so as to keep the hair as long as possible. Now I cant get enough of it!

 told ya!
told ya!


Here I am sharing my first YouTube video on how to style your kinky twists i.e. if they are as long as mine. this style is tres simple and can be rocked to any event but remember to wear some dangly beads earrings for that fab look!

I would love for you to try it and send me a photo! Remember to subscribe too 🙂 because cooler diy’s, inspiration and tutorials are coming up!




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