Having an iPhone is a whole new experience for especially new users (Android users can boo all they want :p), and just like any smartphone it must be protected in a durable iphone case/cover and must look unique as well. There are some really cool iphone covers with different designs, disney characters and the like. But what about an iphone cover having African print designs? Now thats a very distinct idea I thought to myself when I came across these fantastic iphone covers by Apparafix, called #afrocase.

The covers arent made from fabric. No. The plastic covers have been molded with the designs so no need to worry about water spilling on the cover etc. Totally waterproof. Please try not to do ‘combine’ with the phones wai!

I like the fact that the creative founders of this fantastic idea have their own in-house designer creating customised designs which removes them from copyright issues. Every pattern is unique and different.

Although I couldnt get one for my iPhone5S (i should soon, i have been told) there are different covers for the other iphone gen phones. Fathers Day is almost here, so here’s your perfect gift *wink wink*. This is sooo exciting!! Technology and Fashion coming together!

Nice work guys! Find Apparafix on Twitter for more enquiries.


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