I am a free Wifi hunter. I am always on the look out for a free wifi sign which in Accra is almost close to looking for a Dodo. But during my travels, the faintest hint of Free Wifi gives me such a relief and unexplainable joy more than finding 70% discounts at New Look. Yeah.. thats what the Internet has done to me. 

So for Accra Wifi junkies like myself who aren’t looking to go to an Internet Rehab soon and for visitors to Accra searching for Wifi Spots in the city there are 3 places in Osu you should be looking out for whilst desperately going from cafe to cafe on the Oxford Street (takes a slurp from the Roma sundae).

 Best thing ever
Best thing ever

In no particular order…

1. NourishLab Smoothies

I am sure you knew that already but if you didn’t, yes there is free Wifi there. But its not great. 🙁 As much I love getting a Grapezilla and a Chicken Panini, I also want to have good internet access to be able to post to my blog on any of my devices. The internet is ssslllloooowwww but the trick is to sit closer to the bar area close to the entrance to the washroom (don’t wrinkle your nose lol!) , i found that area to be quite decent in giving average speed. I am sure some internet junkies have been downloading or streaming videos previously forcing management to reduce the routers to one. 

2. Venus Bar

I never particularly liked going to Venus Bar for their roguish reputation. I won’t tell what it is. However, I went there once for a BloggingGhana meeting and during the meeting we were told the Wifi was free there. Sharp! I went back again a few weeks later and yes it was free. But the thing is one of the waiters has to type in the password into your gadget. Huh? I didn’t find that too pleasant. But speed wise, its pretty great. 

3. Pinocchio/La Piazza

This is the happening and trendiest  in Accra at the moment. The ambiance, food and decor is simply perfect and most importantly there is FREE WIFI!! I got wind of this new development from my fellow #TechRepublic buddy MacJordan. Speed is great too if there aren’t too many people logged on. Enjoy a Roma sundae whilst at it. Oh their pizza is great too. 🙂 

 Many businesses especially those in the tourism industry should by now start creating free wifi access for the guests and visitors to their establishments. An hours free access to the internet for visitors in lounge areas can go towards increasing the company’s visibility and also attracting new clients. Why should guests be charged so much for accommodation and then be made to pay extra for internet access? Beats me. 

Know of any place in Osu which has free Wifi, please don’t keep the happiness to yourself and share the love. 🙂

Happy Browsing


  1. Wondered why top cafes/eateries don’t have free wifi available. They can charge defray cost by adding a pesewa or so to the prices of food or drink. Free Wi-fi dier 3y3 paa

    • @swayekidd i know what you mean. There are so many eateries and bistro’s popping up in the city just taking our money and not giving us any benefits for having hangouts in their shops. Thanks for your comment and loyal read 🙂


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