I grew up in a house where the first sounds that woke me up wasn’t the neighbors crazy cockadoodling cock; but the strumming of guitars, tooting of trumpets and pinkling of piano keys and the silky voice of Nat King Cole drifting out of the vintage black LP record. 

Jazz is one genre I always listen to on iTunes when work is stressing me out. So imagine my delight when I got an invitation to attend the first Ghana Jazz Festival by Stanbic Bank Ghana. 

Wiyaala, Vodafone Icons winner 2012 performed in the opening act with very ethinic and traditional Sisala music which made me appreciate the beauty of our cultural music. 



Ofie Kudjoe was also a joy bringing her sunny smile and fabulous voice to the stage. She reminded me of Diana Ross though, and I loooovvveee Diana. 🙂 She was vibrant and got me chair dancing and head bopping too! 


My first Jazz experience of Oli Silk was what also scintillating. He played some jazz funk and smooth jazz whilst incorporating some serious drum play! 


 Oli Silk
Oli Silk


And finally the time came for the much anticipated performance…Peter White the smooth jazz guitarist. I should perhaps pay more attention to modern jazz. Fantastic performance, amazing guitar play! Never a dull moment. 

My favorite performance that night was Perfect Moment a classic hit back in 1998.  


Peter White performed with Ofie and it was really cool to see that. Made me wonder if they rehearsed together or Ofie knew all his tracks. Excellent duet. 

 Peter White and Ofie Kudjoe
Peter White and Ofie Kudjoe

The bass guitarist showed off his skills during one of the performances to the delight of the invited audience.  


It was a fabulous night on the whole. Thank you to Stanbic Bank for such a wonderful initiative to bring jazz back to Ghana. This was very different from the usual ‘noise’ of hiphop, afropop and hiplife. 🙂

Look out for the YouTube video of the event on my channel NaaOyooQuartey. 🙂


  1. First of all, I have fallen in LOVE with your blog! You have an extraordinary writing style. Having recently discovered my Ghanaian roots more, I’m on a quest to find more Ghanaian bloggers. So glad I stumbled across yours.

    These sounds are incredible. I am such a music head…and the way you began this post sounded just like my childhood. Amazing feeling isn’t it?

    -Chymere A. (Akua) — ShesSoEclectic.blogspot.com

    • Awwww thank you Chymere! I am glad you share my experience! Thank you for the warm compliments….keep reading and i am checking out your blog too 🙂


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