Sunday morning, I woke up not exactly feeling like going to church but because its not a ritual for me to go, I gathered my last vim and sped off before our head pastor could catch me driving in late to service. 

The sermon was succinct! Exactly what I wanted to hear and enough inspiration to get me moving towards doing what I really want to do. Mark 2 :1-5 and the whole focus was on the four men who decided to carry their paralysed  friend up on a roof and through the roof for a healing. How they got through the crowd and up that roof, I don’t know but it had to be some task! That didn’t stop them neither did the roof which I am guessing was thatched. They literally broke through the roof and lowered their friend through it. What courage! What faith! This begs the question… What kind of friends do you have in your life? 

    1. Do you have friends who only stick by you in the times of plenty but cannot be found when you are in hard times? 

    2. Are your friends, the sort who influence you into doing something which you know in your heart you don’t feel like doing? 

   3. Or are they the sort who add value to your life? Are they V.A.F (Value Added Friends)? 

4. Do they come through for you when you need them to be there or are you constantly giving and not receiving anything back?

  5. Will they go all out for you when you need a helping hand? ‘A friend in need, is a friend indeed.’

6. Are they sort who will eagerly stab you in the back for their own personal gain? 

Maybe its time for you to do a ‘friends audit’ and check really who you call a friend. 

Have a fabulous week!  



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