Yayy!! Friday is here already. Ready for another fashion dish on what to wear to the office tomorrow? Why not try Western fashion simplicity with touches of African fashion accessories?  If your office permits smart casual Fridays; why not try dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt or short-sleeved tee and a navy blue blazer, top this off with an African beaded necklace or a Peter-Pan collar necklace to complete the look?  A black or red patent pointies will be an excellent top-up. These tees are available in the market for about GHC5 in Makola (don’t act like you have never been to a bend-down boutique) or GHC25 in some boutiques. If you know anyone going to the UK, just ask them to grab you a couple from Primark for 2 pounds each p3!

In case you choose a beaded necklace, let that be the statement necklace and keep your earrings small but not in the same colour. Sorry but I just find wearing matching earrings and necklaces…someway paaa! #ofeepii #way3bebree (you have become too busy) 


One thing I have realised about the error many women make when it comes wearing of African fashion accessories is the unending all-at-once combination of accessories; wearing African print earrings paired with African print necklace, holding an African print bag and wearing an African print shoe all at the same time is a bit MUCH! Maaba? Ad3n? Why??? Let one or two pieces be the statement item and you will look superb and get all the sweet compliments you want! 

Have a fab Friday and do share your #MIGStyle photo with me on my Facebook page and Instagram feed! 🙂 


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