Twist braids have always been a personal favorite of mine. It was faster to braid which meant less time at the salon and it was easier to take off but not when its alot on the head. 

Then came along box braids. It’s like being transported back to the 90’s and the days of Patra. Thicker and longer than their twists colleagues; box braids hit every social network from Pinterest to Instagram.

I tried my first box braids some weeks first because I wanted to be out of the salon as fast as possible. I told the lady, ‘please make the sections big wai!’ And also considering I was going to be in London I need a protective hairstyle from the cold. 

Two hours later I was done but I wasn’t so sure of whether this suited me. Everyone said it was different on me (different could be good, right?) I think i got used to it later.

 This style worked for a while
This style worked for a while

The best thing I found out with box braids was it gave me a very 90’s look and took me back to my Ridge Church Days. It was also fast to take off (depending on the length).  

The worst? My braids were slightly thicker and I was restricted to certain styles, not many though compared to twists. I couldn’t hold a bun cos the darn things were HEAVY!!! Sleeping at night wasn’t easy either. I always woke up at night to adjust them. 

This was the other way I managed to style the box braids. Simple but i soon got tired of them.


I think if you want to have box braids don’t go all out Patra style. Have medium-sized and not too many to save your hair becoming heavier than your head. Trust me that’s not a good feeling. 

 same old style..... again!
same old style….. again!

I discovered this hairstyle a day before I decided to take the braids out. 

Have you tried box braids before? Where did you get your inspiration from? Need styling tips? You can email me for a whole lot more!


    • Hi Naa, did you try a bun? How thick are they? Hope not as thick as mine. check Pinterest for some hairinspiration.


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