Apps have and keep changing the lifestyle of every single person on this planet….having a smartphone. We shop, text, video chat with relatives, create forms, play games, flirt, meet deadlines, calculate expenses, get fit, catch up on news, share gossip about that revealing sexy #selfie on Instagram all thanks to apps. Aren’t apps great? Thats why I am forever in awe of companies like YouGora Limited who create apps to make lives easy and previously impossible things possible online.

My friend, Joseph Dankwa, (Co-founder of YouGora) is aiming for the Summit Kilimanjaro pinnacle; an event which brings together top tech entrepreneurs, investors and influencers with the most promising startups in the world to take them to the next level. Out of hundreds of applicants 5 individuals will get to climb Africa’s highest mountain; Kilimanjaro in June with their investors and leading tech entrepreneurs and then get to share stories on the main stage of The Summit in Dublin. Yes I said 5. 

I would really really really be grateful if you would watch his video and Like it to vote for him.

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What drives the YouGora team?

 “our drive is simple our hope is grounded in the resolve that little things can go a long way to changing big things”.

With superb apps like 233Law, an Android app for the Constitution of Ghana & YouGora (soon to be MarketPlace) an ecommerce app up their sleeves, and other great projects completed I don’t see why Joseph Dankwah (Co-founder of YouGora) shouldn’t make it to TheSummitKilimanjaro to join his future investors and influencers. 

This is the change and impact Ghana needs in its tech industry, these are the change makers we have been waiting for.

you can vote right here!

Thank you for voting, I owe you a hug! 😀



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