The worst part about having braids is when it’s time to take it out. After weeks of showing off with all kinds of styles with my twist braids then came the dreaded moment of taking them out. 🙁 

Four hours later Saturday evening, I was back to my overgrown hair which I have decided to send back to its natural roots. But it was too late to go to the salon and I didn’t want to be tempted with the thought of relaxing it. I will tie a scarf tomorrow, was my final decision- to church. 

Sunday morning came and here I was with an old scarf of mine (which sadly had fringes) trying to hide the mess of a hair. I tied it and it rocked! You may have seen this around and haven’t thought of trying it out yet. You should.  

I did a step by step tutorial on how to tie the scarf but I had braided it again. Lol! Same steps different hair. Have fun and send me photos when you try it out. Rocks best in African print fabric!  

What you need: 

A sizable fabric scarf, about half a yard. 

Hair pins


1. Bend head forward and cover with scarf from the base of head to the top.  

2. Tie a knot at the front or side of head depending on where you want the knot to be.  

3. Twist the loose fabric and begin wrapping it around the tied knot.  

4. Pin in the lose end.  

5. Done!   

The photo collages below will perhaps be more useful.  









 And here is the one on the crazy Sunday hair, I was lucky someone didn’t decide to pull it off to see what I had underneath it! The Horror!


Be a sweetie and share! 🙂 


  1. this help me last Saturday when i had to go out and didn’t know what to do. ooh Naa you saved me thanks a lot

  2. This reminds me of the day I turned up in church with a scarf because I had no idea what to do to my natural hair….here I was talking with friends in the courtyard after service and this little girl from nowhere jumped, pulled my scarf off and ran off! I almost cried.

    • ohhhh Chale!!!! I can’t imagine! The horror! 🙂 Did you laugh afterwards? Try using bobby pins to hold it place next time. 🙂 thanks for reading Seyram!

      • hahaha I don’t remember laughing, but i’m sure I did. I was torn between running off after her and finding somewhere to hide…. I only discovered your blog last week and I love it! I followed you on instagram too and I’m like, I hope you don’t go like who’s this stalker.


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