What does one wear to a fashion show nowadays? That was the question i asked myself as i stood looking at my packed wardrobe on the night of the 2nd day of the

Ghana Fashion and Design Week

. ‘Its a Ghanaian fashion show, dammit! Wear something Ghanaian!’ I rifled and rifled and eventually ended up wearing blue skinny jeans, red tee with a distressed sleeveless jacket and accessorised with my handmade

African print earrings

and a print pocket square in my jeans jacket! I was there to shoot not strut so I had to dress appropriately. Sorry no photo. 🙂 

I was sure i would be seeing trendy African fashion and was really looking forward to see what guests to the show would be showing off for the event. In the end, i was slightly disappointed at the many few who rocked African fashion but the few who did, either made me raise an eyebrow or give a thumbs up in appreciation. You can vote on who you think is the best or the worst. I will tell you mine.

Simple and Elegant. Leather combined with chiffon fabric. 

Bold African Fabric cropped top. 

Beautiful bold patterned African print. I liked it until………

…. I saw the back! What happened here???

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African print cropped top and print skirt.

It was common to see cropped tops amongst some guests at the event. Would you ever wear a cropped top? Not on the streets of Accra i am sure. 🙂

Now thats a slash and burn jeans! 

I like the vim this guy has in his suspenders and print shirt! 

Bold African Print patterned strapless dress. (Check out the shoes facing the dress)

I was blown away by the intricate beaded necklace on this lady. Fabulous. 

It was actually a mix of Western and Ghanaian fashion in all. I had hoped to see more of our local print after all its a Ghanaian Fashion Week! 


  1. I love that beaded necklace. That probably wins 'Best Accessory of the Night' hands down! I think it's interesting that you were disappointed that there wasn't more African Print… I was having this conversation on my radio show with some of our guests (MPwr Show- http://ow.ly/pRO10) and I think a number of African designers don't feel like they HAVE to use print. Wasn't it enough to be at a fashion show IN Africa that exclusively featured African designers? Must they use African print to further prove their Africanness in the fashion design world? These are just some of the things I have been talking to some of my friends about and I think it's a bit tricky. Either way though, I wish there was more print because I have been seeing some amazing things done with them, and it seems the rest of the world is gaining more excitement about print in fashion. Great post!

  2. thanks for your comment 🙂 actually my disappointment was at the guests attending the show not the designs on the catwalk. I am in full support of African designers bringing out their works with Western fabrics and showing us what they got. thanks for reading 🙂


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