I must have been living under a rock when the Peter Pan Collar necklaces became a trendy fashion must-have. No matter. What matters is I decided to make my own out of African print cover buttons. The result was simply amazing! These handmade necklaces simply transforms any dress, tank top or tee from boring to gorgeous in seconds. I used cover buttons (super cute ones of course!) and voila! Once I was done with one I realized I would be needing more round neck dresses and blouses. 🙁 So today, I am sharing with you how you can rock these super cute African print Peter Pan collar necklaces for all occasions and in all seasons.

  • This one (photo below) can be worn on round-neck blouses or dresses which you have stowed away in your wardrobe for some time now. Because African print is busy, it is more fashion wise to wear this necklace on a single coloured blouse or dress. This will make the necklace stand out and speak for itself. Try not to wear huge earrings which will hide the beauty of the necklace. K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Sista! 

Peter Pan Necklace on a round neck tee

  • This necklace has a different twist to it. The edges are more pointy and has the more traditional look of collars for shirts. Following the same tips above, you can also wear this with a u-shaped tank top. 
 Edgy Peter Pan Collar Necklace 


  •  How do i choose the colour of the blouse? Well, like you can see the African print is a busy fabric and choosing accessories to bring them out nicely should be done with great conservation. Look out for the minimal colour in the print. Like the photo above, yellow is the major colour so choosing a yellow blouse would make you very sunny…maybe too sunny! You can choose red or a shade of purple, blue or just plain white would also do nicely. I recently discovered that you could also wear a polka-dot dress (tiny black dots) and combine it nicely with this necklace too.
 African Print Peter Pan Collar Necklace on an off-white tank top
African Print Peter Pan Collar Necklace on an off-white tank top


  • Which occasions can you wear this necklace to? Most occasions i would say, depending on where you work and how your CEO feels about employees dress sense, you can rock this necklace even at work especially on Fridays. Just wear a simple tank top with the necklace and wear a jacket over that and you are ready for your Friday wear. Adding skinny jeans and a nice platform would end it nicely. Going out after work? Take off the jacket and you are ready to PARTY!!

Do you like what you see? Want one? You can place an order

here but please note, that shipping outside Ghana is pretty tough so i am holding off on that for now. Unless you have a connection here for delivery to be made to them…then we are in business. 🙂



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