Made in African Print Shorts…my favorite!

The Easter holidays are over so soon. 🙁  Well, it was my best and most memorable Easter so far although i didnt go hang-gliding as planned. No matter. Church service was awesome, a day at Hillburi was simply relaxing and time spent with family in the dark during Easter Sunday evening was humorous and Easter Monday was crowned with Fashion galore at the #fghshop festival.

The Life!

Anyway, this isnt a post about chilling during the holidays (dont you just love the above picture?) Hehehee…
Last year if you remember i put up a post about the FashionistaGh Shopping Festival and the events which took place there. Well this year, the event branded as #fghshop Easter 2013 (Twitter handle) was a 3-day affair, and as usual it was made up some of Ghana’s finest upcoming and established fashion creatives from SA4A, PoquaPoqu, Kenzo’s Place, Denkyi, Chocolate, Chic Accessories, The Body Butter Company, Twist & Locs, Printex to Glitz Magazine. Although i missed the first day because i was idling in that pool up there; i made it through the rest of the two days and i have to admit it was so much more entertaining, better quality products and more enlightening than last years. 

The Fashion show which took place on the last day (1st April) killed it, kudos to my guys Ob Abenser and Guud Kelly for spicing things up with that. 

Ganyobinaa & Guud Kelly
My only critique is that, there weren’t enough food vendors around, so guys please next time, invite the Kenkey sellers, Waakye, Check Check and Fufu caterers to come feed the populace of the event. I realised also that the sellers had better and improved products which ranged from Fabric covered shoes, bags, bangles, sunglass cases, earrings, slippers, necklaces to beads, natural-based skin products etc. Price-wise i would say was a bit moderate for some sellers who had discounted their items.

Accessories by Chic Accessories

 Some did stay on the high side which explained their empty stands.  Salon & Spa shops like Kenzo’s Place offered free make-up sessions whilst TeamThousandWords also offered free photo-shoot sessions for all. I cant wait to see mine. It was good to see the MC’s of the event Agnes Ntow and Kwesi Kwatia engaging with the sellers on their products. This gave each person to talk about their products, location and prices. 

Kwesi Ntow & Agnes Ntow (MC’s)

Kwame Pocho

In terms of development much work needs to be done in terms of the art of handmade products in Ghana. You know how when someone comes out with an idea to cover shoes with fabric and then everyone latches on? Well, i couldn’t distinguish between the brands. I was telling one sales-guy that if i buy the GHC60 shoe he was selling, who would be able to tell that it was his brand? All the shoes looked the same to me quite frankly. I think more work needs to be done in terms of  creating distinguishing products and refrain from copying ditto ditto. 

The crowd turnout was also encouraging compared to last years. If you missed this event, have no fear. FashionistaGh has plans for another event around Farmers Day holiday this year. 

Ob Abenser getting his hair did by Kuorkor of Twist n Locs

Anyway, enjoy these photos i took and if you have a comment, please go ahead and post! 🙂 

Siba of Chic Accessories

The beautiful Poqua of PoquaPoqu

Kwaku Zee and Madam Lucy (my designer)

Hairband made from African Print

Raffia bag lined with African print by Poqua Poqu 
Bib Necklaces made from cover buttons

Kenzo’s Place

Skin & Hair products made from Natural ingredients by The Body Butter Company
Me at SA4A’s stand

Guud Kelly holding his waist…lol! 

Mr Kelly and some of Accra’s finest!

The lifestyle of the Ghanaian is slowly turning back towards the use of her own products and natural resources to enhance their lives. Good. 

Here are a few shots of the Fashion show featuring some of the designers present at the event. My attempt at Fashion Photography. I had to use my Canon 24-70mm 2.8 which you know doesn’t have an IS so i had to rely on my steady hands. Not bad. *pats herself on the back* 

Summer shorts by Poqua Poqu

Chocolate came up next and i was so fixated on the shine shine ‘boboo’ guys that i almost forgot what i had to focus on until Kwaku Zee reminded me to focus on the shoes and not the clothing. Whew! 

Put on some clothes!

Shoes by Chocolate

Beautiful African Shirt for men


  1. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for writing about the experience. i really like you talking about the copy copy thing. Frankly I look on facebook and everybody is making ntoma bags or shoes. Making it look way too easy. I hope the designers notice that and step their game up

  2. Hi Dela, thank you! yes, its so un-creative when people just copy blindly what others are doing. My motto is .. 'if you want to copy, copy and add your own inspiration. Dont copy by heart!' It often makes me wonder whether its just a fad for now *shakes head*
    thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. Too bad i missed this event and i have my bf to blame for that! complaining abt traffic from 37 to trade fair so we had to turn back! smh! glad they are talking of hosting another during the farmers day 😉 I love the pix of you in the pool so relaxing! i also loved the white polka dot dress with african print belt and also the long peach maxi dress. Its true abt everyone doing ntoma shoes and bags, lol! Great pictures, quick question tho, are you the photoo behind timeless by Naa?

  4. Hi Annette, traffic was horrendous wasn't it? Thanks to the beach revellers at Labadi! Smh. Yes I am the same Timelessbynaa 🙂 the dresses are pretty stylish aren't they? Thank you for reading! Have a super day!


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