One word to describe how I felt last night on winning Best
Lifestyle blog & Best (*reaches out for award to check the next one)
Creative, Literary Short Stories, Poetry Blog awards at the Ghana Social Media
Awards?  Humbled. Too humbled.
I never dreamt my blog would win an award one day. The fact
that my readers were being inspired and touched by my writing was rewarding
enough.  But here I was at the
#BlogCamp13 sitting amongst many of Ghana’s best bloggers watching as many
people were called up to collect their awards for their categories. I fidgeted
within as I silently wondered when it would be the turn of Best LifeStyle Blog.
It felt like forever. Finally Kajsa came up, my stomach instantly wrought into
knots and then I heard the words, ….the winner is GanyobiNaa!’ I now know how
it feels like to walk on a red carpet  as
hundreds of eyes turn to look at an award winner. I couldn’t believe I forgot
my acceptance speech! A short thank you and all blushes I went to sit down.
Congratulations all round!! The next category came up which was Best Creative,
Literary Short Stories, Poetry Blog which I barely took notice of as I told my
friend Nana Yaw that I was sure another blog would win that. I took my mind
of and started going through my winnings. 

‘Herh, you have been called, you have
 ‘huh?’ I looked blankly at MacJordan who called from the opposite aisle. 
The look on my face was beyond shock and surprise! Almost comical! Lol! I won
  I went up to receive this from
KobinaGraham and all I could say was, ‘Totally surprised, guys! Thank you,
thank you! I could swear I was blushing!!

Amazing evening to end the BlogCamp13!
So this is the real Acceptance Speech which run away from my
thoughts last night:
“I would first want to thank God for the amazing gift of
writing which I had thrown away many years ago and by grace has been restored
back to me. Second goes to Blogging Ghana who by their awesome organisational
skills made this event possible and the recognition. Thank you to all who voted
for me and to every single reader in Ghana and abroad who has read and shared
my posts in one way or the other. This
award goes not only to me but to every single blogger who  is using the power of writing to positively bring change our society.  Thank you!”
So whats next for Ganyobinaa? Improved content, higher
readership and  the objective to do more
than just writing! A final thank you to the sponsors of the event @tigoghana @usembassyghana and @GoogleGhana 

A Nobel Peace Prize wouldn’t be bad at all! 🙂 Dream big!
Thank you!


  1. You absolutely did well, congratulations on the awards, and I should think you have earned the right to dream 'Nobel'. More of the same and even better between now and 2014. Well done, my friend. *Ovation*

  2. congratulations on the Awards, Am so happy for you, trust me u deserve them. May your life always shower you with such happy and successful moments. Well done. i love what u put out all the time… i visit your blog jst like i do same to my office chair.. lol

  3. Thank you Charles for the kind words. wow 🙂 lol! would you like to be notified whenever i post something up? i can add you to my RSS Feed.


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