I have always loved writing. Whether it was scribbling poems
in my jotter during primary school days or writing short unpublished stories, I
just love the freedom writing gives. A year and a half has gone by since I
started blogging and it’s just been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My lifestyle blog has one vision in mind and that is to Motivate, Inspire and Educate the Ghanaian and the rest of the world who come across my practical and laid-back content. You cant read my blog and be the same some alphabets later. 53 blog posts 101 comments, 36,000+ views later and I am always extraordinarily humbled when friends and yet-to-meet readers send me mails/give me
a call to praise my writing skills. Not only do I write well they say but they
are inspired by many of the topics I write on. I am like so humbled right now.

It pleases me to let you know that my blog has been
short-listed for the Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards being organised by
Blogging Ghana as part of BlogCamp 2013.  Hallelujah chorus. My blog has been nominated
for four categories in the final nominations list , these are Best Blog, Best
Original Content, Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Creative, Literary Short
Stories, Poetry Blog (that’s one category by the way).  \0/
Don’t worry its not just me in these categories, of course there
is competition! There are other blogs apart from mine, which made the shortlist
for these same categories. So now its time for the public to vote for who they
think should win in the 13 listed categories. Check here for all the
As one of my cherished readers (that’s you) know that you
and many other of my readers have 40% say in who gets to pick an award. Judges
have 60%. I would be the happiest girl in the world if you would click here to
visit the Blogging & Social Media Awards site and start voting. I think you
should check out my competition in the categories I have been nominated in and
if you think my blog sucks then you can vote for someone else. But if you think
Ganyobinaa’s blog has got more SWAG then please vote for me!
Chale! I ‘for make wild’ and prepare a victory speech just
in case I win an award ooo! It will probably start out like, Ahem.. ‘ I just
want to say thank you to all my blog haters…you encouraged me more than you
know!’ * just kidding *
This wasn’t going to
be a wordy post that’s what I told myself. So far so good. When I win an award,
I will invite you to Ganyobinaa’s Blog Party 2013! Hehehee..
I end here with my
campaign slogan….
 ‘Vote For Ganyobinaa For a Better Social Media

The link to vote again >>>>>  http://www.blogcampghana.com/voting/


  1. I guess I can comment on this post right? If I can't, then all I can say is Best of luck. If I can, then let me go and think about how to praise this piece and come back…..brb!


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