I am not going to say much today because I just want you to
enjoy these lovely photos I took during the 2 Days of Accessories organised byInka Accessories, MSimps & HatsOff. It was a beautiful sunny day and many
people came by to purchase the uniquely designed beads accessories made by Irene of Inka, fascinators and African fabric bags by Mabel of MSimps. Everything on display was just perfect for
any occasion. Each item unique to the last and they were all handmade! I am one of those people who cant
stand seeing someone wearing the same dress/shoe/necklace or even holding the
same bag as I am. Total nightmare! I ended up buying a cute laptop for my Mac
(it totally replaced the pink one I had from China) and I have to recommend the
sandwiches at Cuppa Cappuccino…absolutely delicious! Ok, talking too much now.

Clutches by MSimps
Irene and her cute model

Fascinators by HatsOff

hmmm…decisions decisions decisions

statement bead necklace by Inka
Do check out their pages and find an accessory to make you stand out. 


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