We love holidays in Ghana, especially if it falls on a
Friday or Monday. But not mid-week L.
Friday past was a holiday to celebrate the birthday of our founding father
Kwame Nkrumah. My plan of sleeping in all morning after a plate of waakye
failed miserably and I found myself tweeting quotes from Dr. Nkrumah which I
found after Googling ‘quotes by Kwame Nkrumah’. I heart Google. I think a post
on these quotes would be my next post.
Atlantis radio was playing in the background softly when my
ears picked up on an ad by Sytris Bookshop. This sounded interesting and I know
I haven’t bought a book like forever. I passed by the store after my photo
shoot of Inka accessories and spoke to the owner on the possibility of blogging
about the uniqueness of the store and if I could take pictures as well. I was
super thrilled to get a green light.
If you are a book nerd or worm, then Sytris is probably a
place you would want to spend majority of your time worming through aisles of
books. ‘But its just a bookstore! What’s the fuss, you ask. Where in Accra, can you go to
buy a book and enjoy a cup of coffee with a slice of cake  at the same time? Show me.  So there is cute café placed strategically
beside the huge windows not only that, but you can actually lounge in very
comfortable sofa’s and be flipping through the latest edition of John Grisham’s
Litigator or Tintin comics.

The store packs a punch in terms of books. Surgery, Accounting,
Quilting, Photography, Fiction etc are just examples of books you can get.  My favourite section is the magazine section
which was stocked with old and new editions of SmartMoney, Cosmopolitan,
PlayBoy, GQ, HairHype, Housekeeping, etc. 

Did I mention the kid’s section? I
took my two friends Gabby and Georgette and they were in second heaven as they
browsed through hundreds of children’s books. Get your kids away from the
PlayStations and Wii for a day and get them reading!

Personally, I think it’s a great place to have some ‘me’
time with a good book and a cup of coffee.
thats not me 🙂

 I am so tempted to move from my favourite
hideout Smoothies to Sytris (and they are practically facing each other from
the street!), if Sytris offers free WiFi the move will be instant!
 Find Sytris on the
last floor of Mac Cofie building, next door to the new Placito shop on the
Oxford Street. 


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